Sarah Nicoli | Speaker

Sarah Nicoli, co-founder of dotmine day planners

Sarah Nicoli

Sarah Nicoli, co-founder of dotmine day planners, is a former corporate marketing guru turned organizer, planner publisher, and entrepreneur.  She’s “real” in ways that fit today’s world.  She works hard to balance family and business, looks at new contacts as friends first, and uses social media to build relationships, not just to boost sales.

Sarah knows well the mix between traditional and social media, because dotmine customers constantly say they love their smart phones … yet they still need the space, the staying power, and the life-in-one-view accessibility of a written planner.

Above all, she values the hard-to-find personal time that keeps her grounded, focused and re-energized to pursue her life goals–a reason why every dotmine planner has a place called “my time this week”.

“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself,” Virginia Woolf wrote long ago. Sarah lives these words and, by doing that, figures the rest will take care of itself.

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