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Jessica Gottlieb

Jessica Gottlieb is a Los Angeles based writer and social media personality. In addition to a personal blog site, Jessica maintains a popular YouTube channel, is a panelist on Momversation, and brings a big crowd on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Posterous.
Jessica is widely recognized as a digital pioneer, creating multiple online careers out of vapor.
Jessica has received accolades from Forbes, Neilsen, AdAge, Babble, The Hive Awards, and most of her peers in the digital space. Recent TV appearances include The Dr Phil Show and CBS News.
Jessica is a frequent public speaker, recently she has given talks at the 140 conference, Girls In Tech, Smarty, Consumer Reports, Social Media Club and Bloggy Boot Camp.
When you work with Jessica you get viewers and you get press. Lots of it. The folks at Funny or Die, Cottonelle, Safeway, PUR and Canon have all been delighted with their partnerships.

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