Lindsay Reed Maines is a writer, mother of three, teacher, consultant, and journalist.
Her work has appeared in The Washington Post and Brain, Child Magazine, and Mamazina, among others. She’s a frequent speaker at social media conferences, a consultant to companies large and small, and a firm believer in the power of digital media. She’s also on the Social Media Advisory Board of

Lindsay got involved in social media while working on selling her first non-fiction book, “Rock and Roll Mamas”, about moms keeping their identity post- baby. That’s still in process, but the past two years have been a whirlwind of all that digital engagement brings. From the Oscars to seeing our President speak, social media’s taken Lindsay many places she never imagined- including in meetings with publishers about how to use social media to market books.

Women Create Media is a square knot of digital media and traditional publishing, and the process of creating it made Lindsay profoundly aware of the amazing network she’s privy to in both worlds- and the ways the two influence each other.

She blogs regularly at, and is a founding member and “Just For Fun” editor at (A division of Lifetime Digital/A&E Network) She can be reached at lindsaymaines (at) mac(dot)com.

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