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Are you a social media maven who would like to make the leap from digital to traditional publishing- but don’t know where to start? OR you made the leap, but find yourself slightly stumped by continual book marketing post-launch, or the concept of building beneficial cross marketing relationships? Or, perhaps you see the opportunity for generating income with magazine articles in between long projects, but again, don’t know where to start?

This is the day you write your blueprint. Cross-pollinate with other digital power players and traditional publishing movers, shakers, and icons, and it’s a recipe for empowerment.

The conference begins at 8:30 am with breakfast, general session keynote by an amazing woman I adore, and know you will too. I pumped my fist in the air and whooped when she said yes- can’t wait to tell you who, cause I KNOW she’ll start us off on the right foot.

At 9:30, we’ll break into 4 tracks: Non-Fiction, Fiction, Magazine Writing, and Getting Started.

Topics will be a mix of business, pitching, work flow, and keeping tight- identifying your writing targets and hitting them. The constant underlying threads are owning your voice, treating yourself like the professional writer you are, and evading monkey mind- that trickster of self-doubt and inertia that thwarts so many.

We’ll have a mid-morning break and snack, re-group for one breakout session, then general session lunch.

Lunch will be a “Movable Feast”- each table will have a published writer, editor, agent, or publishing brand representative. They’ll be static. Each course of lunch involves everyone else moving to the next table, to create a variety of connections and conversations.

We’ll have 2 more breakout sessions, followed by an afternoon snack/networking break.

Then we’ll reconvene in the general session to our closing keynote and intent collage creation. Nothing says fun like glue sticks and scissors. This session will be led by one of my most valued writing teachers and intuitive leaders, Elizabeth Merrick.

After tearing up some magazines and setting some intentions, we’ll have an hour-long cocktail reception, to watch the sunset and mull over the rest of our writing careers and the path you just claimed or re-affirmed.

Yep, it’s going to be a red-letter day, all right. See you there.

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